The days are still getting longer so that means you need to kill some time with your favorite podcasts, and once you are done with those there is Edgeland to fill the void. This week on the show Bill had a terrible comedy set so he plays an old clip of Patton Oswalt talking for the A.V. Club's Stand Down series from a few years as a source of therapy. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Brian Flynn of Super 7 and Hybrid Design about his punk days in Texas and Florida, moving to Portland, and the beginnings of Super 7. A really great interview that covers a lot of ground. As always this show is brought to you by the fine folks at DRKLGHT Clothing so head over to www.drklght.com and follow them on Instagram @DRKLGHTClothes. Also, do not forget to check out Loud and Clear Records, give them a like on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @LoudandClearRecords.

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