It is Edge Day eve, the anticipation of Edge Day is palpable. So many edge boys and girls will not get a wink of sleep tonight in anticipation, but Edgeland Podcast is back to at least kill one hour of your time. This week Bill goes over ways to prepare your home for a happy and healthy edge day. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Holly Noll from the Rise and Resist Podcast. Holly also has her own protein waffle business, FitQuick,  and runs Plant Fit Strength gym in Oakland and is basically 1,000% more productive than all of is. In the interview she talks about hanging around with the punks of San Francisco, moving to Seattle, and her experience in the fitness world. A great interview with a great person. This weeks episode is once again brought to you by DRKLGHT Clothes. Visit them at www.drklght.com and follow them on instagram @DRKLGHTclothes.

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