As January comes to a close and everyone on the east coast pretends to "love all four seasons" here is another episode of the most straight edge podcast on the internet to keep you company. This week on the show Bill plays the audio from a TED Talk on goals, because we all need to remind ourselves of our successes instead of focusing on what we haven't done. In the interview portion of the show Bill dips into the non-edge column with Ryan Wombacher of Bleeding Through and Devil You Know. Ryan talks about the early days of finding music, the interesting circumstances surrounding his joining of Bleeding Through, and his current band Devil You Know. A great episode with a great guest. This weeks episode is once again brought to you by DRKLGHT Clothes and you should visit them over at www.drklght.com and on Instagram @DRKLGHTclothes. Also, head over and check out Loud and Clear Records and keep up with them on Instagram @LoudandClearRecords.

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