Friday is here and that means the weekend is just hours away, what will you do to kill one of the hours? Listen to Edgeland Podcast, that's what. This week on the show Bill shares a poorly recorded stand up set from one of the many open mics in Portland. Trying to make jokes about veganism and straight edge can be tough, but here it is. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Edgeland favorite Damien Moyal. In his third visit to the show Damien talks about his solo music offering Damien Done, mending fences, and his t-shirt line Dinner, as well as announcing the lunch of Cro-Mugs. So check that out. As always this episode is brought to you by DRKLGHT Clothing, visit them over at www.drklght.com to check out their latest merchandise and follow along on Instagram @DRKLGHTclothes. Also, this weeks episode is brought to you by Loud and Clear Records, check them out on Instagram @LoudandClearRecords.

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