If you are loving the season of hack pumpkin spice jokes, then you will love this weeks episode of pumpkin spiced Edgeland. This week on the show Bill reads some positive reviews people have left about the podcast on the Edgeland iTunes page. He also reads one that might not be so positive, and it cuts deep to the bone. If you leave your own 5 star review on iTunes or Stitcher you can be entered to win a free Edgeland T-shirt. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with Kevin Knight the founder of everything over at  Eat, Geek, Play. Kevin talks about how his entrance into the music industry, the benefits of having an open mind when it comes to different genres of music, and how things got started over at Eat, Geek, Play. In the non edge column Bill talks with Darren Walters of Jade Tree Records. Darren talks about dealing with skinheads, what it took to release records in the late 80's/early 90's, and what happens when Jello Biafra cuts you a check.

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