Today is the most important day on the calendar. Some say it is just a Hallmark holiday for these greeting card companies to make money off of edge kids, but we know the truth. Today is Edge Day the most important day of the year. This week on the podcast Bill shares with you how other cultures celebrate edge day, you may learn something. In the interview portion of the show Pat Flynn returns to talk about his early band The Action Taken, questionable on stage actions, and all the drama that comes with being in a band. In the non edge portion of the show Bill talks with Tim Cossar of Ten Yard Fight, The Hope Conspiracy, American Nightmare, and Bars just to name a few. Tim talks about his early days growing up in Maine, the influences of baby sitters, and how his edge break came to be. On the most special day of the year be safe and smack all the cigarettes out of peoples mouths that you can.

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