What better way to recover from your food coma than a brand new episode of Edgeland. Thanksgiving has passed, but Bill still goes over what he is thankful for in 2014 because it is tradition god damn it and in this family we respect tradition. If you don't like that well too bad, life isn't fair it's about time you learn that. Because the holidays aren't always fun. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals, Chains, and Calaveras Records. Matt talks about being bit of a wild child, pop punk guilt, and the starting of Calaveras Records. In the non edge column Bill talks with Sean Murphy of What Feeds the Fire, Verse, and Violent Sons. Sean also talks about being a bit of a wild child, the violence surrounding hardcore/punk, and an honest discussion about what might be the biggest downfall of straight edge. I know I say this often, but this episode is essential listening for anyone, edge or not edge.