On this day in 1933 prohibition was repealed, a sad sad day for all prudes and edgemen. If you want to perk up your spirits then Edgeland is the perfect way to do that. This week Bill digs out a lost gem of a song to play for everyone. From the days of Napster and thought to be lost to time this song is a pop punk edge anthem. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Christopher Lee of The Story Changes and Hawthorne Heights about being a late comer to the edge, how fatherhood changed his life for the better, and resisting the urge to grow up. In the non edge column Bill talks with Eron Bucciarelli the long time drummer of Hawthorne Heights about New Jersey hardcore, settling into the Ohio music scene, and his new start up. Kick off the holiday shopping season right with this episode of Edgeland.