Episode 4 is here and Bill goes over what he is thankful for this Thanksgiving. In the edge column this week Matt Saccaro is interviewed(@mattsaccaro on twitter). Matt is a journalist with cagepotato.com (@cagepotatomma) and a frequent contributor to buzzfeed. We talk don't talk about hardcore at all, but we do talk about MMA, old school professional wrestling, and he makes a 1/2 accurate prediction. In the non edge column Jake Mainini is interviewed. Jake is a professional Muay Thai fight that trains out of www.hardknocksboston.com We talk about our days living in Boston, straightedge misconceptions, buying glass, and the best way to prepare for a muay thai fight.

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In this episode of Edgeland there is a brand new, very exciting, sponsor. In the edge column, from the Chelsea Lately show, stand up comedian April Richardson (@apey on twitter) is interviewed. She talks about stalking Morrisey, Saved By the Bell, and dealing with regular people. In the non edge column, stand up comedian Aly Jones (@theweakestbink on twitter) is interviewed. She talks about hardcore at the pediatricians office, kids these days, and how she would never have dated herself. 

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In episode 2 of Edgeland Bill calls out a podcast for its bullshit. In the edge column Heather Bailey (cathedraloftears on instagram) is interviewed. She talks about being a edge, the hardest tattoo ever, and growing up mormon. In the edge break column Kevin Leary (learytattoo on instagram) is interviewed and he talks a lot about beer. A lot. www.edgelandpodcast.com

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In this very first episode we learn the origins of headwalking. I talk with Mark McCoy of Charles Bronson/DasOath/Failures and owner of Youth Attack Records about being straightedge, skateboarding, and much more. Also, I talk with Max Ward of Spazz/Capitalist Casualties/Scholastic Deth and owner of 625 Thrashcore about his decision to break edge, Bay Area skateboarding, and what is going on with punks in Vermont.

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