Episode 8 of the podcast has come to life this week. Learn Bill's sure fire tips to enjoy New Years and other holiday parties. They will get any edge person through the awkwardness of get-togethers. This week on the show two very funny stand up comedians are featured. In the edge column we have Ryan Shea (follow him here) out of Boston. He talks about parallel thought, turning edge after 21, and his mom. In the non edge column Jason Traeger (follow him herehereherehere, or even here) out of Portland, OR is interviewed. He talks about the 80's in Seattle and San Diego, dropping out of high school for a life on the road, and tripping in San Francisco. 

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Episode 7 of Edgeland is here, consider it an early Christmas miracle, if you have low expectations for what a miracle actually is. Hopefully Santa listens to this episode and Edgeland's Christmas morning is filled with cheer. In the edge column Nick Conway of View From An Airplane is interviewed. Nick talks about whats next musically, not being into hardcore, and high school fights. In the non edge column Travis Shettel (PiebaldTS and The Past Haunts ) chats about 90's Massachusetts hardcore, the best way to listen to Neil Young, and LA living.

Another Friday another episode of Edgeland. In this episode we hear the tragic tale of the first edge breaker. In the edge column, nominee for the Mt. Rushmore of Edge, Porcell is interviewed. You may know him from a few small bands like Youth Of Today [Official]´╗┐, Judge, or Project X. Porcell laughs at the thought of sniffing glue, talks early days of New York Hardcore, and skateboarding. In the non edge column alex Garcia-Rivera is interviewed. You may know Alex from his days in American Nightmare´╗┐, Piebald, Bloodhorse, or one of the million other bands he has played in. Al talks about growing up in the suburbs, the most subtle way to break edge, and psychedelics.

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Episode 5 of the podcast has arrived. In this episode Edgeland gets some good news, other Straightedge podcasts get their due, and skype connections run amok. In the edge column Nick Jett (Terror, Piece by Piece) is interviewed. Nick talks about partying while edge, bad trends in hardcore, and his various side projects. In the non edge column Bill talks with one of his oldest friends Greg Doliber. Greg talks about biker gangs, his favorite coach, and his epic battle with the clipper ledge.

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