The week is almost over and that means a new episode of Edgeland. This week Bill goes over some very important party tips before the big game. Also, Bill sits down with two authors to discuss all things edge and much more. In the edge column Natalie Slater (twittertumblrFacebookinstagram) author of Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans talks recipe development, parenthood, and a certain pro wrestling gimmick. In the non edge column Jason Heller (twitter) of The Onion A.V. Club talks about Denver hardcore, internet comments, and life after being edge.

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The end of the work week means another episode of Edgeland. This week on the show Bill talks about less popular edge breaks. It's not only when you turn 21 or go to college. In the edge column, Kyle Camarillo chats about working for LRG, playing in Heartsounds, and Bay Area straightedge. In the non-edge column everything changes. My best friend and former rollerblader Matt MacDonald talks about slow romances with alcohol, getting over our differences, and quitting smoking.

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Another Friday comes and so does another episode of Edgeland. This week on the show Bill goes over different dating websites that might fit your life, online dating isn't just for the straightedge anymore. In the edge column Bill talks with Sweet Pete (twitterinstagram) of legendary Boston hardcore band In My Eyes. Pete Talks about people who drop the term straightedge, rights of passage, and candy. In the non edge column Bill talks with a long time friend Scott Smith. You may know Scott from the cavalcade of bands he has been in over the years like The Automata, Draw Blood or his current projects Summoner, and Plagues. Scott talks about setting fires, drums, and the horrors of online dating.

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Edgeland has made it into the double digits. This week on the show Bill breaks down the battle of the ages, and everyone is now dumber for having listened to it. Back by popular demand an all tattooers episode. In the edge column, tattooing out of State of Grace in San Jose, Beau Brady (twittertumblr) talks about going to shows way too young, edge tattoo cover ups, and traveling this green marble we call earth.  In the non edge column, tattooing out of Tattooing by Richie, Bill talks with Mike Attack (twittertumblr) about the soothing powers of marijuana, reality TV shows, and instagrams best users.

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Another year and another episode of Edgeland. In the 9th installment of the show Bill goes over the top 3 definitions he has found for straightedge in the year 2013. The first episode of the new year is really tailored to the common podcast listener, it features two adult performers so your wish of seeing an Edgeland guest naked can finally come true. In the edge column Jessie Lee talks about going edge, soap in her mouth, and twitter trolls. In the non edge column Akira Raine talks about breaking edge, becoming a pro-dom, and gives advice to the skateboarders of San Francisco.

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