April showers will very soon give way to a some little gems I like to call May flowers, but for now there is a new episode of Edgeland to cram in your ear holes. This week Bill addresses some listener mail and answers all of your burning questions. In the interview segment of the show this week the laughs just keep on coming, up first in the edge column Bill talks with Mike Hobart of Monument Print Company (instagram) about old fashion fun in Boston, the weird things you see at conventions, and what he would be like if he were not straightedge. In the non edge column Bill talks with Eric D of the M.T.H Syndicate, a Massachusetts based clothing company about breaking edge at 21, Lemmy of Motorhead, and a bunch of ridiculous shit. This episode is not to be missed if you like laughing. You do like laughing right?


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It is the Friday before the most important holiday of the year. How are you going to celebrate 4/20? Hopefully by downloading this weeks episode of Edgeland and totally ignoring all the nonsense that comes along with April 20th. This week on the show, somehow, some way, the X files returns. Bill begrudgingly explores another mystery surrounding the edge. In the interview segment of the show, holding down the edge, Bill talks with Aaron Bedard (twitter) of legendary hardcore band Bane. Aaron talks about his early days getting into punk and hardcore in Worcester, the straightedge, and Bane past, present, and future. In the non edge column Bill talks with Cam Foley of Cruel Hand. Cam talks about being young and not wanting to pick up a guitar, touring, and the best way to smoke pot.

The baseball season has started and that means America can get back to being bored by its national past time. Thankfully another episode of Edgeland is here to fill your earholes with real straight talk. This week Bill calls out a man that is desperate need of a name change, expect an official response from this man soon. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with two guys that have been a part of some crucial jams over the years. In the edge column Corey Williams of Carry On, Piece by Piece, Internal Affairs, and now Manipulate stops by to talk about skateboarding, band politics, and his new home. In the non edge column Bill talks with Dave Weinberg of the Suicide File. Dave talks about his entrance into punk music, what Bill considers the golden age of Boston Hardcore, and what to expect when you retire from hardcore.

You know the old saying "April showers bring you a new episode of Edgeland" right? Well it is very true this week. Edgeland takes a trip to the past with the latest installment of Hardcore History. Did you ever wonder about the first straightedge clothing company? Well Bill has and he brings you all of his findings. In the interview portion of the show this week there is lots and lots of skateboard talk. In the edge column Bill talks with the Bones Bearings team manager Vern Laird about skateboarding in Philadelphia, Love Park vs. FDR, and how one becomes a team manager. In the non edge column Anthony Pappalardo of Ten Yard Fight and In My Eyes talks about the early straightedge influence on skateboarding, long lost Boston skate spots, and Boston hardcore towards the end of the 90's.

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