Another week is in the books and another episode of Edgeland is crammed into your ear holes. This week Bill tries to bring a more mature feel to the podcast and also talks about what he looks forward to now that he is no longer in his 20's. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with some heavy hitters of Boston hardcore. In the edge column Anthony "Wrench" Moreschi (twitter) of Ten Yard Fight stops by to talk about getting into straightedge, BMX, skateboarding, and his podcast called Strung Out. In the non edge column Bill talks with another founding member of Ten Yard Fight, John Lacroix (twitter, instagram). John talks about his television debut on Rap Around, the infamous Shelter riots, and the Boston hardcore scene. This is an episode worthy of episode XXX, file this one under "essential listening"


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As the we all grow a bit older so does the podcast. This week on the show Bill makes a startling confession that may change the face of the podcast forever. You may want to sit down for this news. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with Toby Morse (twitter, instagram) of H20 and the non profit One Life One Chance. Toby discusses his hardcore roots, straightedge longevity, and his public speaking endeavors. In the second interview of the show in the non edge column Bill talks with Brian "Clevo" Ristau of Ten Yard Fight about Cleveland hardcore, when everyone in hardcore grew their hair out, and how he fell into the Boston hardcore scene. File this episode under "highly enjoyable".

As the week draws to a close you can always depend on the most straightedge podcast on the internet to come through with a new episode. This week on the show Bill goes over a new trend in edge breaking and remembers fondly when his friends would mosh in girls jeans. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks to Dan from Straightedge Worldwide (tumblrtwitterinstagram) about Canadian straightedge, his online competition, and some weird pockets of America with some specific straightedge types. In the non edge column Bill talks the very funny Eliza Skinner (twittertumblrinstagram) about the Richmond straightedge, edge 'til college, and DIY in comedy. Eliza is a writer, stand up comedian, and improviser and she wrote one of Bill's favorite sketches which can be found here.

Death, taxes, and a new episode of Edgeland every Friday are the only sure things in life. This week on the show Bill goes over some of the past anti-straightedge propaganda in the media and offers up a theory on what is really militarizing children in the straightedge army. The results may shock you, or you will find it totally stupid. This week in the interview segment of the show we go punk. In the edge column Bill talks with Russ Rankin from Good Riddance and Only Crime about quitting drinking, being a non drunk punk, and the formation of Good Riddance and Only Crime. In the non edge column, making an unprecedented third appearance, Jason Traeger stops by to discuss starting in stand up, going sober, and his thoughts on being an artist. A great show that should not be missed. 

As the country transitions from being terribly cold to terribly hot Edgeland is here with a new episode to fill your brain with straightedge propaganda. This week on the podcast Bill goes over the real reason everyone should celebrate on Cinco de Mayo and why he can't wait for it to be over. In the edge column from The Admit It Podcast Bill talks with Kim Yount (twitter, instagram) about San Diego straightedge, podcasting, and preconceived notions of females and the edge. In the non edge column, from the Between Mirth and Die podcast and the band Between Earth and Sky, Happy Kreter stops by to talk about Canadian hardcore, vaporizers, and identity.

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