Do you remember when summer meant something? Do you remember when you actually had a summer vacation and nothing mattered? Well try to recapture some of that magic by listening to podcasts, maybe it will work. This weeks episode of Edgeland is a great place to start, Bill has a new sponsor this week helping keeping the show free for everyone. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Aram Arslanian of bands such as ChampionBetrayed, and his new band True identity as well as countless others. Aram discusses Canadian hardcore, how he got involved in music, and veganism. In the non edge column of the show Bill talks with Peter Russo from the art magazine Triple Canopy. Peter discusses the BMX culture in Pennsylvania, his time producing the Impact zine, and his days spent with Livewire Records

Prepare yourself for the summer solstice with a brand new episode of Edgeland. This week on the podcast Bill starts off the show by addressing people that quit skateboarding, the world people on the planet. As Jay Adams once said "You don't quit skating because you get old, you get old because you quit skating." In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with the very straightedge Rich Gaccione (instagram). Rich has played in bands such as What Feeds the Fire, Bury Your Dead, As the Sun Sets, and Reggie and the Full Effect just to name a few. Rich talks about Long Island hardcore, moving to Rhode Island, and so much more. In the non edge column Bill talks with Zak Drummond (instagramsoundcloud) of Verse. Zak talks about growing up in Rhode Island, his affinity for jazz, and getting heckled for breaking edge. 

Father's Day weekend is here and so is a very special episode of Edgeland. This week Bill mumbles his way through a tribute of sorts to his father who passed away 11 years ago on Father's Day. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Pat Flynn from seminal Boston hardcore band Have Heart. Pat talks about how he initially got into hardcore, straightedge, and giving himself his first "tattoo". In the non edge column Bill talks with JD from Shipwreck A.D. about how hardcore can influence your life, the shortcomings of straightedge, and much much more. These are two of the best interviews yet and should absolutely not be missed.

As May flowers turn into June allergies Edgeland is here to scratch the itch deep in your inner ear. This week Bill opens up the X files once again and explores another song that should be considered a straightedge anthem. In the interview section of the show Bill Talks with Alex Zavaleta (twitterinstagram) from the Admit It! Podcast. Alex talks about D.C. hardcore, the Bay Area straightedge, and his podcast. In the non edge column, from Never Healed and The Old Firm CasualsCasey Watson talks about Santa Cruz, the perils of living in Oakland, and his recent life change.