The week is again drawing to a close and that means it is time for a brand new episode of Edgeland. This week on the show Bill delves into his iTunes collection and plays samples of his guiltiest of guilty pleasures. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with, artist and founder of The Beautiful Decay, Amir H. Fallah (twitter, instagram, tumblr). Amir talks about the seminal moments of straightedge, graffiti within hardcore, and how the Beautiful Decay came to be. In the non edge column Anthony Pappalardo (twitter, instagram) formerly of Ten Yard Fight and In My Eyes drops in for a return visit. Anthony discusses musical projects, transitioning from Boston to the New York, and he also makes a big announcement. File this episode under crucial.

Remember when you would look forward to Friday because you knew you would be spending the night with Dinosaurs and Urkel, now you can look forward to spending your day with Edgeland. This week on the show Bill shares a million dollar idea that will make him so rich he won't have time to do a podcast because of all the money he will be stacking. In the interview segment of the show it is a Count Me Out take over. Bill talks with frontman Jason Mazzola (instagram) about Blind Melon, how rowdy Richmond can get, why Count Me Out seemed to stay under the radar. In the non-edge column Bill talks with Pete Appleby about transitioning to guitar after being behind the skins of Count Me Out, the perils of touring before cell phones were popular, and how he came to his career as the most core dentist in Richmond. This episode is a must download.

It is deep in the middle of summer and that means it is the height of podcast season. Download this weeks episode of Edgeland, lounge poolside, and enjoy. This week on the show Bill talks about some summer mischief from the good ol' days before life breaks you down. In the interview portion of the podcast Bill talks with photographer Matt Miller who also just happened to play in Most Precious Blood. Matt talks about his early days before going edge, band life, and what he wants to see when he photographs a wedding. In the non edge column Bill talks with Travis Reilly of This Is Hell and the apparel company Private hell. Travis talks about Long Island hardcore, meeting people who are motivated to do music, and making money while touring. 

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It is the birth of America, the best god damn country on the planet, and what better way to celebrate than by downloading a podcast and listening to it by yourself. This week Bill gives you the Edgeland guide on getting through Fourth of July parties. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with Kris Kneale of Go Deep about the edge, Florida, and the genesis of Go Deep. In the non edge column Bill talks with Eric Anagnostis of Soul Control and Low Pony. This is possibly the most important interview ever to be aired on Edgeland. Topics include the World Cup, belly button lint, and how the body can try to kill itself. This episode is definitely not to be missed.