The holiday shopping season is over, there is no better way to recover from all this unbridled consumerism than popping Edgeland podcast into your brain holes and absorbing over an hour of edge propaganda. This week Bill tells a heartwarming tale of youthful trasgressions perfect for the holiday season. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with musician Grey Gordon. Grey talks about being introduced to substances at a really early age, having a father into punk, and the music of Indiana. In the non edge column Bill talks with Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Markers about the 4H club, the worst dudes in hardcore, and expanding your musical horizons. One of the best episodes of the year getting in right under the buzzer.

With only a few shopping days left before Christmas you can get into the spirit of the season with a new episode of Edgeland podcast. This week Bill reads a Christmas Sermon by Robert Ingersoll that sums up the Christmas holiday very well. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Mary Brulatour of Self Defense Family about the rock and roll town of Richmond, training in Muay Thai, and the stress/thrill of performing. In the non edge section Bill talks with Cornell Ward of the Walking Alone podcast about his early days on the tuba, playing in Count Me Out, and the art of eight limbs. If you like the straight edge, if you like rocking, and if you like deadly martial arts then this is the perfect episode for you.

The holiday season is in full swing and what better way to soak in the spirit than listening to a podcast. This week on the show Bill goes over some music that needs to go, and what needs to be added into the Christmas music rotation. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with Andy Norton of Praise and Champion. Andy talks about the effects of Minor Threat on a young boy, the Champion days, and anxieties that go along with being a front man. In the non edge column Bill talks with Damian Abraham of Fucked Up about Canadians punk and hardcore, Home Alone style self defense, and medical marijuana. One of the best episodes of the year coming at the very end. This episode is brought to you by the fine folks over at The Hard Times. www.thehardtimes.net

On this day in 1933 prohibition was repealed, a sad sad day for all prudes and edgemen. If you want to perk up your spirits then Edgeland is the perfect way to do that. This week Bill digs out a lost gem of a song to play for everyone. From the days of Napster and thought to be lost to time this song is a pop punk edge anthem. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Christopher Lee of The Story Changes and Hawthorne Heights about being a late comer to the edge, how fatherhood changed his life for the better, and resisting the urge to grow up. In the non edge column Bill talks with Eron Bucciarelli the long time drummer of Hawthorne Heights about New Jersey hardcore, settling into the Ohio music scene, and his new start up. Kick off the holiday shopping season right with this episode of Edgeland.