March is almost out like a lamb, and Edgeland is back for another week with the hot straight edge talk you crave. This week on the podcast Bill gives you some tips on how to be the next big YouTube sensation with some great prank ideas. If you get your ass kicked because of it Edgeland does not assume any responsibility. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with returning guest Rob Moran about his break from playing music after Unbroken, how Some Girls came together, and the reception to his business Heartwork Coffee Bar. In the non edge column Bill talks with Edgeland favorite Wes Eisold about moving to the west coast, the benefits of longevity, and how astrology is bullshit. A great episode with two great guests. Also, if you are in the Seattle or Portland when Bane comes to town Bill will be opening the show with some stand up comedy. Get your tickets at www.takewarningpresents.com

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With another St. Patrick's Day in the books and The Dropkick Murphy's heading back into obscurity the most straight edge podcast on the internet is back to pollute your earholes. On this weeks episode Bill goes over some very well researched and effective hangover cures for anyone that got a little jaked on green beers. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Dave Larson of Excursion records and the writer and director of The Edge of Quarrel movie. Dave talks about skateboarding, why so many artists come from Seattle, and his new podcast I've Known You Too Long. In the non edge column of the show Bill talks with Ron Guardipee of Brotherhood about his early days listening to metal, joining Brotherhood, and how the teens of Seattle weren't allowed to dance.

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Another week is coming to an end and another episode of Edgeland is set to hit your ear holes. This week on the show Bill talks about some things outside of drugs and alcohol that he has spent his life avoiding. Some of the items on the list are sure to rile up some folks. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with one of the organizers of Nate Fest and frontman of Ensign Tim Shaw. Tim talks about his days as a roadie, one way to guarantee potential fans won't like your band, and the most positive thing in hardcore. In the non edge column Bill talks with Nate Gluck, the man for which the fest is all coming together for. Nate talks about skateboarding all over town, joining his first band, and how gratitude is tough to express sometimes. A really great episode start to finish.


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March is in like a lion, now lets hope it goes out like a lamb, am I right? This week on Edgeland Bill brings you behind the scenes of the show. Each episode is recorded on Skype and Bill lets you listen in on some intimate mic checks. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with James Siboni from notable acts such as Casey Jones, Loma Prieta, and Bane. James talks about underrated Florida hardcore, his teenage years as an entrepreneur, and being in bands that resonate with the kids. In the non edge column Bill talks with Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid. Andrew talks about his early days in Figure Four, the Winnipeg punk scene, and his somewhat reluctant transition back to being the front man of a band. A great episode to kick of the month of March in style.

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