Sorry there is no new episode this week, but enjoy a replay of an Edgeland classic. Episode 45 with Walter Delgado and Dan O'Mahony. This weeks episode is once again brought to you by DRKLGHT Clothing so head to www.drklght.com and check them out on Instagram @DRKLGHTclothes. And do not forget Loud and Clear Records, follow them on Instagram @LoudandClearRecords.

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Another glorious Friday and another glorious episode of Edgeland to invade your personal space. This week on the show Bill revisits comedy of the past and tries to remember if one comedy institution from his youth is actually funny or not (spoiler alert: it is not). In there interview portion of the podcast Bill talks with returning guest Dan Sant of Over My Dead Body about his time in OMDB, the white warrior, and his Smiths/Morrisey fanzine Two Light Ales Please. This weeks episode is once again brought to you by DRKLGHT Clothing so head to www.drklght.com and follow them on Instagram @DRKLGHTclothes. Also, this weeks episode is brought to you by Loud and Clear Records and you can follow them @LoudandClearRecords.

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Lovers rejoice, Edgeland is back with an all new episode for you to listen to by the fireplace with your main squeeze. So each of you grab an ear bud, find a blanket, and relax. This week on the show Bill gives you a choice track for any Valentine's Day mix, hopefully this song won't be lost to time. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Amy from DRKLGHT Clothing, that is correct, the very DRKLGHT Clothing that has sponsored the show for the past for months. Amy talks about the edge in suburban Atlanta, the big move to Los Angeles, and how DRKLGHT all came together. A very enjoyable listen. As always this show is brought to you by DRKLGHT Clothing, follow along on Instagram @DRKLGHTClothes. Also, this weeks episode is brought to you be Loud and Clear Records, Portland's only all hardcore record shop. Follow along on Instagram @LoudandClearRecords.

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February is here and along with that is a brand new episode of Edgeland podcast, well sort of. Due to a series of unfortunate scheduling conflicts there was no straight edge interview this week, instead Bill is bringing you a recent episode of the Off the Record podcast (Twitter) hosted by Jesse Cannon that focusing on the head honchos at The Hard Times. Jesse talks with Bill, and Matt and Ed Saincome about the latest Hard Times news and how the site got its start. A very fun interview that hopefully you will enjoy. Subscribe to Off the Record on iTunes and also don't forget to throw all your money at DRKLGHT Clothes www.drklght.com and follow them @DRKLGHTclothes. If you are in Portland, OR make sure you check out Loud and Clear Records, keep up with they latest stock @LoudandClearRecords.

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