It might not be Friday, but damn it all the podcast is here. Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving and you are ready to get back to podcast listening action. This week on the show Bill plays a different podcast to start from The Truth and Planet Money, a fictional tale about the last job. Hopefully you enjoy it. In the interview section of the show Bill talks with Brandon Davis formerly of Therefore I Am, Vanna, and currently Lions Lions and The Noble about the DARE program, his secret drum sessions, and making sure you know Rollerblade is a brand. A great episode for your listening pleasure. 

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Alright alright the podcast is back as Armageddon quickly approaches. This week on the show Bill gives a complete and total break down of the big UFC 205 card. Are you the gambling type? Well you can lock all these picks in, they are guaranteed (not guaranteed). In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Stacey Spencer of To See You Broken and Longclaw about her shitty period, soft line straight edge, and the never ending marginalization of women in hardcore and other underground scenes. A fun conversation to hopefully take your mind off of things for an hour. Also if you are in Portland this Sunday Stacey will be throwing an event found here

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Well well well well well well looks like Edgeland is finally back. That is right, the podcast is back and boy is it a good one. To start off Bill plays a track by former guest Claes Nordin's new band City Lights for you to jam. Always good to have more hardcore in your life. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Keith Barney of Adamantium, Throwdown, and 18 Visions about Orange County hardcore, the straight edge, and when your grandmother comes to see you play. A great episode to return with. And hey, if you are reading this consider donating to the podcast, head to www.edgelandpodcast.com/donate to throw some cash at it.

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