The summer is slowly fading away, but Edgeland keeps on coming. This week on the show Bill dives deep, deep, deep into the vault of his teenage life to unearth a tune that hasn't been heard in civilized society for a long time. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with Alec Faber of True Love and Freedom about the Michigan scene, the perception of Detroit, and his life as a Navy man. In the non edge column Tony Erba of Fuck You Pay Me returns for a third time to talk about Cecil the lion, getting back to vegetarianism, and why he is thankful the world hates Hulk Hogan. A great episode to say goodbye to July with.

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They say two things in life are certain, death and taxes. Well add "a new episode of Edgeland every Friday" to that list. This week on the show take a stroll through the new Edgeland HQ 2.0 with Bill as your guide. A wonderful picture is painted and not a detail is spared. In the interview portion of the show the format is busted yet again. The show revolves entirely around the good reverend Hank Peirce. Hank discusses the early days of straight edge in Boston, going out on the road with bands like Slapshot and Uniform Choice, and his path to becoming a reverend. A great episode with a great edgeman.

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This week on the show Bill is back from his Alaskan adventure and things get straight to business. For the first time ever in podcast history their is no non-edge guest (lets not count the time Bill was interviewed, that was non canonical). This week Bill talks with documentary film maker Keegan Kuhn. The show kicks off with an interview with Keegan and his partner Kip Andersen being interviewed on Democracy Now about their film Cowspiracy and the affect of animal agriculture on global climate change. Then things really get going when Bill talks with Keegan about Richmond crews, always being pissed off, and why being straight edge is so important. A great episode that will get the straight edge pride flowing.

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Another Friday is here and another episode of Edgeland is ready to brainwash you into X'ing up and starting fights. Bill is on a much needed vacation in Alaska this week and is probably riding a moose as you read this, and to commemorate this Bill is showcasing the premiere Alaskan straight edge hardcore band. Listen and enjoy. In the interview portion of the show Bill talks with returning guest Matt Pike about his former band Some Kind of Hate, when the Kenmore Agency went full time, and his involvement with a variety of different reunions. In the non edge column Bill talks with Josh Holden of American Nightmare about the influence of his older brother, finding his place on the east coast, and delicious weed/mushroom cookies. A great episode to guide you into the weekend.

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Edgeland Podcast is back just in time for you to strap it to a bottle rocket and shoot it straight to the heavens. This week on the show Bill goes over ways to avoid, and ways to get into fights on the 4th of July. Because nothing shows how patriotic you are like smashing in the face of another American. In the interview segment of the show Bill talks with photographer Todd Pollock about being edge before fully knowing the edge culture, why hardcore is the best to photograph, the disbanding of his band Test of Time and his new band Todd's War. In the non edge column Bill talks with musician and artist Justin Melkmann. Justin talks about his early distaste for drinking, the day he met GG Allin, and his band World War IX. Download and pledge allegiance to the edge.

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